O.E.Q.II 3.2

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Occupational Employment Quarterly II 3.2

O.E.Q.II 3.2

This 38 page computer printout, CD-ROM, or E-Mail reports current Unskilled, Semi-Skilled and Skilled employment by occupation. U.S. Publishing has combined our two products - Occupational Employment Quarterly (OEQ) and Skilled Employment Quarterly (SEQ), to create a more comprehensive and reliable source for occupational statistics than ever before.

By utilizing the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Survey (OES) along with the 2010 decennial census. U.S. Publishing has created a product that will update quarterly, giving you the most current data for occupation available. Employment is reported by SOC Code. A crosswalk manual (S.O.S. Manual 6th Edition) is also available which allows users to see the DOT codes which are included in each SOC grouping. Areas available include Cities ( of at least 50,000 pop.) States, and the total U.S.A. Employment is also estimated by strength requirements : sedentary, light, medium and heavy for each occupation.

One time issues are available for $67 per area. Bi-Annual subscriptions are available for $97 per area and Annual subscriptions for $157.00 per area. If you need 3 or more areas discounts are available.


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