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U.S. Publishing markets statistics on employment by occupation. Data is available by city, county, state and national.

Professionals who use our data include vocational consultants,rehabilitation counselors, guidance counselors, job placement specialists,attorneys and disability adjudicators.

Vocational consultants who testify at disability hearings use this data to establish the existence or non existence of jobs which meet designated criteria. Rehabilitation counselors use the data similarly to report the big picture in labor market surveys. Guidance counselors use the data to encourage realistic career choices. Job placement specialists use the data to learn more about specific labor markets. Attorneys use the data for cross examination.

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!! IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR 2015 - 2016 !!

As of November 2015 (3rd Quarter) U.S. Publishing will be switching over all products to the 2010 Census Codes and numbers. Currently all products include codes from the 2000 Decennial Census and SOC. Many of the Census-SOC Codes are similar to the previous listings, however there have been some significant changes to crosswalk coding and occupational structure. The changes have re-distributed many D.O.T. codes under new or newly named codes. These changes will be reflected in all of our products with a detailed crosswalk in the updated S.O.S. Manual 6th edition.

In order To make the transition to these updates, all products will be available through the 4th quarter of 2015. All updates will be completed at the start of 1st quarter 2016 (March - April) All products can be purchased through our website (see link below) or by telephone (and answering service) If you have any further questions, please let us know. Please direct your questions to staff@uspublishing.net Thank you for your continued interest in U.S. Publishing. Have great day!