New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner

Choose from three reports - OEQII2.0 - SOEQ - GEUL -

OEQII2.0 - Occupational Employment Quarterly 2.0 - utilizing the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Survey (OES) along with the 2010 decennial census. U.S. Publishing has created a product that will update quarterly, giving you the most current data for occupation available. Employment is reported by SOC Code. Employment is estimated by strength requirements : sedentary, light, medium and heavy for each occupation.

S.O.E.Q - Specific Occupational Employment Quarterly - In this 12 page report we have cross walked unskilled *D.O.T. Codes to 6 digit N.A.I.C.S. codes. By utilizing the County Business Pattern data in conjunction with our current methodology U.S. Publishing is now able to estimate current employment by individual *D.O.T. code. The report includes estimates for specific Unskilled *D.O.T. job title, for all areas of the country. The report will be available for any area you specify (M.S.A, or county set) and will include the estimates for State and National. This report is updated quarterly.

G.E.U.L. - Guide to Estimating the Unskilled Labor Market - This Quarterly publication provides analysis of the frequency that Occupational requirements exist In a particular labor market. The analysis is based on the current unskilled occupations found in a specific labor market. All data comes from the U.S. Department of Labor and the Bureau of the Census. It allows professionals to provide an estimate of Residual access to unskilled employment following injury. The G.E.U.L.C. Quarterly is available by national, city, state or county set.

All State and Metropolitan Areas are available for immediate download for the OEQII.2.0 and the G.E.U.L. - for S.O.E.Q.'s and county sets please allow an additional 3 business days for delivery.

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Counties Included :

Jefferson Parish
Orleans Parish
Plaquemines Parish
St. Bernard Parish
St. Charles Parish
St. John the Baptist Parish
St. Tammany Parish

Occupational Employment Quarterly II 3.1


Specific Occupational Employment Quarterly


Guide to Estimating Unskilled Labor Market


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