Specific Occupation Selector Manual

Specific Occupation Selector (SOS) Manual, 6th Edition - $97

This new 575 page spirally bound manual is a crosswalk with two sections. Section I is arranged numerically by Census and Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) codes. For each occupation the worker traits from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) are also shown along with - Physical Demands - Working Conditions - G.E.D. - S.V.P. and Apptitudes. Part II is an alphabetical index of DOT jobs showing SOC codes and Census Codes. The manual allows the user to crosswalk form Census to DOT / SOC codes and vice versa. The S.O.S. Manual 6th Edition is designed to be used with our other publications - Occupational Employment Quarterly (O.E.Q.II 3.0) - Guide to Estimating Unskilled Labor Force Characteristics (GEUL).

S.O.S. manual 6th Edition - $97

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