Specific Occupational Employment - Unskilled Quarterly

Specific Occupational - Unskilled Quarterly (SOEUQ) - $57

Specific Occupational Employment – Unskilled Quarterly This New report incorporates the S.O.S. manual with estimates by specific job title.The SOEUQ is a totally new product featuring a new methodology. U.S. Publishing is now utilizing County Business Patterns (CBP) data along with Occupational employment statistics (OES) data in conjunction with data from the decennial census. By running a two point Query on the North American Industry Classification or (NAICS) 6 digit codes and definitions, along with the definitions and groupings from the *D.O.T. U.S. Publishing has cross-walked all *D.O.T. Codes to these 6 digit N.A.I.C.S. codes. By utilizing the CBP data in conjunction with our current methodology U.S. Publishing is now able to estimate current employment by individual *D.O.T. code. The report includes estimates for specific Unskilled *D.O.T. job title, for all areas of the country. The report will be available for any area you specify (M.S.A, or county set) and will include the estimates for State and National. The SOEUQ will be updated quarterly. Our first report in this new method will only include the 137 unskilled jobs and the second report will be available within the next few months. 

SOEUQ - $57

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